Visit at Bunk’Art

Are you visiting Albania? Or just wandering the Balkans? If so, you must be a special traveller and one of a kind tourist. You must be searching not only bragging beautiful picture to show off, but you might be searching also new experiences and human history. Treat yourself with a wonderful visit at BUNK’ART.

I liked it very much. You will visit the huge Bunker, internally is displayed the historical museum. A complete overview of Albanian History. A jump in time. Glimpses of the regime time are displayed to see how everyday life was. Is intense and takes at least a couple of hours. Is educational and informative. Great for groups and family. Is the perfect place to visit in our Mediterranean hot summer, you will be refreshed! Bring a cardigan with you is cold down there!

You can ask at the entrance for different options of tickets and tours! Ask the amazing staff there!

Please visit their site! BUNK’ART


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